Superior Communications Canada


Toronto Distribution Center
2400 Skymark Avenue, Unit 3B
Mississauga Ontario
L4W 5K5
Tel: (647) 499-4991

Our Toronto offices and distribution center is dedicated to supporting the accessory supply chain for our wireless retail partners throughout Canada. Our Toronto DC is housed within a state-of-the-art facility that is over 35,000 square feet in size and provides Canadian clients with third-party distribution and fulfillment logistic services, including warehousing, pick and pack, transportation, shipping, tracking and more. In order to satisfy the needs of all manner of Canadian clients, the Toronto DC is fully equipped to efficiently handle orders of any size.


Major carriers and retailers utilize our distribution services to efficiently supply their locations with name brand and OEM accessories that consumers trust and want. We have longstanding partnerships with established brands and identify promising new brands and products in the marketplace through an extensive industry network, allowing us to offer a full wireless accessory assortment. Our position as a major supplier to carriers and retailers ensures we receive early information, significant product allotment and the best pricing.