2011 National Minority Manufacturer of the Year

ISO 9001-2000 Certified
The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), a division of the US Department of Commerce, awarded its 2011 National Minority Manufacturer of the Year Award to Superior Communications. The award was presented to Superior in recognition of outstanding achievements in the wireless industry, which include revenue, job creation, domestic economic impact, innovations, strategic partnerships, and significant growth.

CES Innovations

Innovations International CES
2014 12-Watt Quick Charge 2.0 AC/DC Wall Charger
2012 PureGear Travel Charger with Auto-Detect Technology
2003 Hip Hugger
1998 DoubleTalk Car & Wall Plug
1996 ClearTalk Antenna Connector
1995 MobileTalk HandsFree
1995 Cellular Data Link
1994 Portable HandsFree Cradle
1994 Pro-Max Conditioning Charger


TL 9000
zdraw - 2010 Emerging Technology Awards, 1st Place in Green Solutions Category


TL 9000
Since June 2011, Superior's Quality Management System (QMS) has been TL9000 Certified. As a result, standards for quality management will be held and audited to a higher level of performance in order to ensure Superior meets the growing needs of its customers.
ISO 9001-2000 Certified
Superior has been operating under a quality system that adheres to ISO 9000 standards since 1999. In 2010, we upgraded our standard to ISO 9001:2008. As prescribed by the standard, our system undergoes an independent audit every six months.


Superior holds several U.S. Patents for innovative work in product design and engineering of wireless accessories that combine cutting-edge design, quality engineering, and advancements in accessory technology.
  Patent Year Product Name US Patent No.
  2017 Cable Organizer D805,370 S
  2017 Mobile Device Case and Armband with Fluid Chamber 9,634,707 B2
  2017 Armband For An Electronic Device 9,615,650 B2
  2017 Universal Vent Clip Car Mount D781,297 S
  2017 Mobile Device Case and Armband With Fluid Chamber 9,680,515 B2
  2017 Universal Vent Clip Car Mount D781,297
  2016 Auto Detect Charging Technology 9,252,615
  2015 Universal Charging Dock With Wall Mount is awesome! 9,093,849 B2
  2014 Case with Cushion Devices 8,909,309 B2
  2014 Protective Material Applicator Device 8,905,107 B2
  2014 Armband D716,040
  2014 Armband D715,537
  2014 Case (PureGear PX360) D714,275
  2014 Power Bracelet D713,281
  2014 Method and Apparatus For Recharging Batteries In a More Efficient Manner 8,836,282
  2014 Proximity Touch Sensor Cable With a Light Emitting Diode 8,827,513
  2014 Case (PureGear PX260) D712,387
  2014 Capacitive Touch Sensor with a Light Emitting Diode D704,578 S
  2014 Case with Cushion Devices 8,718,730 B1
  2014 Mobile Device with Cushion Devices D699,716 S
  2014 Lightning Connector D699,686 S
  2014 Automatic Energy Efficent Charger 8,653,789 B2
  2013 Case with Cushion Devices D694,742
  2013 Universal Electronic Device Holder 8,561,863 B2
  2013 Universal Charging Dock D688,623 S
  2013 Case with Cushion Devices 8,509,865 B1
  2013 Vehicle Power Charger with USB Port 8,446,125 B2
  2013 Protective Material Applicator Device 8,393,377 B2
  2012 Adhesive Case for a Mobile Communication Device 8,326,383 B1
  2012 Square Headset D670,275 S
  2004 Hip Hugger - Cellular Phone Carrying Case D485,679

Professional Association Memberships

Legal Compliance

All relevant business, accounting, and product-related compliance measures are in place including CAL/OSHA and regulations of the EPA.Specific regulations governing product manufacturing and testing also have been addressed.

Wi-Fi Alliance
Prop 65
USB Super Speed