We Care

Superior Communications has always been a company involved in community and national projects, including charitable events, environmental activities and volunteerism. In the last year, we've stepped up our commitment to take a leading role in these activities in the communities in which we serve and reside. The launch of our new We Care program is a consolidated effort at Superior to give back. Its focus is on programs that benefit the environment, support benevolence activities, and encourage volunteerism.


Superior was an early adopter of the "Going Green Movement" and established an in-house Environmental Committee in support of that effort. The Committee developed a comprehensive recycling program that includes recycling bins in all break rooms, environmental education for employees that encourages a "greener" way of life in the office as well as in the home. Superior has expanded our environmental activities by providing extensive support to the following organizations:

Nature Conservancy

Provides conservation and restoration to forests and oceanography.

Benevolence Activities

For the past several years, Superior has been a proud supporter of various non-profit organizations and charitable causes. As a company, we strongly believe in the act of giving and helping those in need whenever possible. Lending aid to a wide range of charities, both locally and nationally, has allowed us to assist a wide range of individuals and communities, including underprivileged youth, cancer patients, cancer survivors, victims of natural disasters and many others. In addition to our environmental support activities, we have an increasing focus on programs that support the youth and hunger related causes. Superior is especially proud to be a longtime supporter of Curing Kids' Cancer since its foundation in 2004 and we were honored to be recognized by the American Red Cross for our contributions to aid storm and tornado victims in the American South. Directed support to the Red Cross and Feeding America has been focused on supporting programs serving the youth and addressing hunger in our communities. In addition, Superior has been proud to utilize the services offered by the Lincoln Training Center in support of their effort to train and find employment for the physically and developmentally disabled.


While Superior has been involved in various volunteer activities in the past, we have formalized and organized these activities into a first class comprehensive volunteerism program. The program is designed to encourage, recruit, train and recognize Superior employees for their participation and support of local volunteer efforts in the communities in which we serve and reside throughout the country. Through our volunteerism program, Superior employees will develop a sense of belonging, self-satisfaction and value within the company and in their respective communities.