Innovations Lab

Superior Communications is an industry leader in research, development and manufacturing of wireless accessories. In 2010, we established an internal cross-disciplinary group named Innovations Lab. Its mission is to develop state of the art accessories for a variety of wireless devices using the latest advances in electrical, mechanical, material and environmental engineering. 

Since the inception of the Innovations Lab, several award-winning and unique products have been introduced to the global marketplace. Some of our innovations have garnered nationally recognized awards and earned U.S. Patents for their cutting-edge design, engineering quality, practical functionality, and technological advancements.

Hero Powerbank Stand

A compact and convenient 2-in-1 tool that functions as both a 5,000 mAh charger and a device stand.

Superior Apple Watch Dock

This all in one charging solution charges an Apple Watch in either vertical or horizontal orientations with existing cable and charger despite protection accessory or band.

Hello Camera Cover

Playfully disguise security camera lenses.

Magnetic Cable Organizer

Easily keep cables organized and accesible thanks to a small built-in magnet.

Lightning Connector

Reshaped, tapered connector design allows for thicker gauge cable and easier accessibility to charging ports through watertight or rugged cases with narrow openings.

Auto-Detect Technology

Revolutionary technology allows chargers to differentiate between OMTP and non-OMTP devices for a truly universal charging solution.