Innovations Lab

We are obsessed with consumer wireless accessories and driven by a passion to improve everyday lives.

Our purpose is to deliver innovations in ODM by helping our clients build quality products and trusted brands that resonate with today’s consumers.

Designing for the future

Established in 2010, our Innovations Lab is a cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and project managers with a singular mission – to develop accessories for a variety of wireless devices using the latest advances in electrical, mechanical, material and environmental engineering.

We work tirelessly to keep pace with ever-changing needs as technology advances at an accelerating rate and disruptive innovations in consumer electronics continuously displace established markets and value networks. We are experts at overcoming the challenges and complexity of product development and have the know-how and expertise to deliver results.

Our Team

Superior Communications has a geographically distributed team of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals with expertise in smartphone cases.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team designs, develops, tests and supervises the manufacture of power products for mobile phones and tablets.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering team designs, develops, tests and supervises the manufacture of injection molded products for mobile phone accessories.

Project Management

Our team of project managers is responsible for handling all customer product requests from the ID design phase to product launch.

Soft Goods
Mock Up Team

To aid in the development of soft goods, we have a sewing lab and soft goods specialists with the ability to sew fabrics, foams and plastics.

Industrial Graphic
Design Team

Our team of designers work on everything from product design to the creation of catalogs, packaging, and APP UI/UX.

Los Angeles160,000 sq ft
toronto36,000 sq ft
Nashville130,000 sq ft

Our Factory

Opened in March of 2014, our factory continues to be one of the largest suppliers of Apple MFI certified power products in the world. We consistently update our MFI certification to ensure we have the ability to continue to develop products on the latest Apple platforms. We also hold the following memberships and certifications.

Where design and technology meet business

Since the inception of Innovations Lab, we have introduced several award-winning and unique products to the global marketplace. Some of our innovations have garnered nationally recognized awards and earned U.S. Patents for their cutting-edge design, engineering quality, practical functionality, and technological advancements.

With over 20+ years of experience and over 100 million units sold at retail, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible while securing patents and delivering functional and exciting solutions in the mobile accessories space.

Awards & Patents

CES Innovations


12-Watt Quick Charge 2.0 AC/DC Wall Charger


PureGear Travel Charger with Auto-Detect Technology


Hip Hugger


DoubleTalk Car & Wall Plug


ClearTalk Antenna Connector


MobileTalk HandsFree


Portable HandsFree Cradle


MobileTalk HandsFree


MobileTalk HandsFree


Pro-Max Conditioning Charger


Cellular Data Link


Driving our commitment to quality, transparency and reliability, Superior Communications is proud to hold the following industry-recognized certifications.

TL9000 Certified

Since June 2011, our Quality Management System (QMS) has been TL9000 Certified. As a result, standards for quality management will be held and audited to a higher level of performance in order to ensure we meet the growing needs of our customers.

ISO 9001-2000 Compliant

Superior Communications has been operating under a quality system that adheres to ISO 9000 standards since 1999. In 2010 we upgraded our standard to ISO 9001:2008. As prescribed by the standard, our system undergoes an independent audit every six months.


Superior Communications holds several U.S. Patents for innovative work in mobile accessories development that combines cutting-edge design, quality engineering, and advancements in technology.

Year Product Name Us Patent No. .
2017 Cable Organizer D805,370 S More Info
2017 Mobile Device Case and Armband with Fluid Chamber 9,634,707 B2 More Info
2017 Armband For An Electronic Device 9,615,650 B2 More Info
2017 Universal Vent Clip Car Mount D781,297 S More Info
2017 Mobile Device Case and Armband With Fluid Chamber 9,680,515 B2 More Info
2017 Universal Vent Clip Car Mount D781,297 More Info
2016 Auto Detect Charging Technology 9,252,615 More Info
2014 Case with Cushion Devices 8,909,309 B2 More Info
2014 Protective Material Applicator Device 8,905,107 B2 More Info
2014 Case (PureGear PX360) D714,275 More Info

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