Retail Solutions

We are specialists in retail management and ODM brand development, working with clients to address critical business priorities.

We partner with clients to achieve continuous gains in retail performance by optimizing supply chains, reinvigorating store formats, improving workforce productivity and ensuring capital efficiencies.

We deliver sustainable results

Our breadth of experience as the nation’s leading distributor of mobile accessories has given us unique insights into retail environments nationwide. Our Retail Solutions team brings together over 50 years of retail experience. We develop customized recommendations informed by data-analytics expertise that guide clients towards greater accessory sales and profits.

We help clients navigate through the unrelenting pace of change in the wireless market, digital disruption from online retailers like Amazon and changing consumer trends. We work with national wireless carriers and leading big box retailers to develop customized retail strategies and implement targeted programs that address current state challenges and future growth opportunities.

our expertise

We bring a relentless focus on delivering proven, innovative retail programs that are tailored to client goals while mitigating risks, overcoming barriers and exploring opportunities.

Retail Strategy

We provide comprehensive insights and end-to-end support, from product development and brand growth to manufacturing, shipping and last mile delivery. By consolidating analytics and strategic recommendations from across Superior Communication’s areas of expertise, we are able to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their business and growth opportunities. We don’t make decisions in silos, we consider all aspects of running a successful retail business so you don’t have to.

Employee Training
and Engagement

With over 100,000 store visits and counting, we deliver brand and product-specific training to frontline reps, empowering them with the information and customer insights needed to become true brand evangelists. We develop focused video curriculums to keep employees engaged and informed. And we go the extra mile by monitoring training adoption and tracking retail performance metrics.

Brand Development

Consumers seek authentic, compelling brand identities. We create mobile accessories brands from the ground up, that speak directly to consumer priorities and needs. From brand positioning and name selection to visual identity development and product line strategy. We create brand marketing tools and targeted campaign content, fully supporting a brand’s path to market.

Digital Content

Consumers continue to discover and shop brands on digital in increasing numbers, necessitating a comprehensive omnichannel brand experience. We develop digital strategies, design and implement eCommerce stores, publish social content and manage advertising campaigns.


We work with clients to optimize their visual approach and display layouts, maximizing visual appeal. Our service covers the full spectrum of merchandising, from performing merchandising audits and pinpointing opportunities, to developing store messaging and retail display units.

Category Management

Our distribution and fulfillment networks give us an unprecedented view of consumer demand and market trends. We analyze complex data and simplify demand for clients. Our brand strategy, product selection and retail implementation approaches are informed by data and deliver immediate value through accurate demand planning, inventory management and optimizing assortment mixes.

Data- driven Insights

Data is at the core of every decision, recommendation and action we take. Superior Communications is committed to accountability and transparency, and we are passionate advocates of data collection and analysis – to the point where we’ve invested heavily in technological infrastructure and building proprietary platforms.

The Portal

Supporting inventory supply and demand across our vast logistics network gives us unprecedented access to brand performance, which we’ve captured in our proprietary Portal. We give clients direct access to actionable sales analytics and the ability to review product performance nationwide.

BeST Portal

Developed to fill a gap in learning management and performance tracking, the BeST portal gives managers direct insight in to store engagements, the ability to collect focused feedback from frontline teams, and to track training progress in real time with a direct comparison to sales metrics.

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